Ship Services

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Description: Services provided for the ship to be anchored securely to hold back for the following services these kinds of asmooring, loading and unloading or expecting other services (docking, dalprocessing associated with documents, etc. ).
Avoidthe likelihood ofcollidingwithanotherboatthatwas docked.
Determine the degree ofwaterthat the shipisaground. Do notwait forthe cruiseline.


Description: Service pilotage when entering the groove cruise ship to dock or harbor for you to anchor the pool.
Features: To take care of the safety of the deliver, passengers and cargo when it entered the harbor line.


Description: Carry out the effort to bind and remove this rope ships will exercise movement or leaning or left coming from a pier, bridge, buoy, dolphin yet others.


Description: Services given weeks to ship tethered for the mooring and technically in any safe condition, to be capable of perform the loading and unloading smoothly and safely.
Features: To avoid the inefficiency due to the use of moorings is definitely not optimal.


Description: Services provided for your delivery of fresh water by land to ship for deliver, and Son of His shipfruit.


Description: Services provided for your extension of landline telephone service to treat the interests of shipand vessel crew.

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